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You can place an order online, by phone or Fax. BTEL:0172-39-6535、FAX:0172-39-6544 Print the Fax form

※If you place an order by phone or Fax, you will be unable to use points

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We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. Mail support and shipping is only avialable on weekdays.

We accept the following credit cards: JCB、VISA、MasterCard、DC、UC、MC、SAISON、DinersClub、Nicos. Other payment methods include postal transfer, bank transfer, cash on delivery, and payment at a convenience store.

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A Guide to our Store's Shipping and Payment Methods

About Apple and Snack Co.,LTD

Originally, our company was established for the purpose of creating and selling snacks and food products.
We want to create an image that represents a healthy and energetic company.

Company Outline and People in Charge

Company Name Apple and Snack Co.,LTD
President Takashi Inaba
Address 50-10, Kamifunabashi, Kawabe, Inakadate-Mura, Minamitsugaru-Gun, Aomori Prefecture, 038-1141 Japan
Telephone 0172-26-5360
FAX 0172-26-5361
Established June 03, 1994
Capital YEN45,000,000-
e-mail info@applesnack.com

Supervisor: Ms. Akahira 
I respond to customer mail and phone orders everyday. I was born and raised in Aomori, and can speak just a little English. I am very sorry for my poor English. But even so, please do not hesitate to call if you have an order or request.

About Our Point System

  1. Our point system can only be used by those customers who have subscribed for an ID with us.
    The Subscription:
    Customers who have previously shopped with us are welcome to subscribe for an ID.
    After subscribing, you can use your ID for future purchases.
    ※The ID will be the customer's mail address. After registering, the customer's information will be automatically saved each time they enter their ID and password.
    ※If you would like to change your password after you register, click here (Login to My Profile )
    ※You can only use Hankaku Roman letters to create your password. The password should be between 6 and 8 characters long.
    ※Customers who forget their passwords can go to their shopping cart and recieve an automatic notification to retrieve them.
  2. Excluding the cost of shipping and sales tax, the customer can accumulate one point for every \100 they purchase. From the next time they shop, the customer can use one point to deduct one yen from their total amount.
  3. Purchases over \6,000 are eligible for free delivery. The cost of shipping cannot be included in the total amount.>
    ※This service is not available to customers who place their orders over the phone.

About Shipping and Payment Methods

We will explain the process of shipping, payment, and product returns. If there is something you do not understand, please contact us.

We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Shipping and mail support are only available on business days.

Payment Methods

■Paying your bill at a convenience store・post office・bank
Within two weeks of receiving your purchase, please enclose your payment and send it to one of our approved convenience stores, the post office or a bank. The deadline will be written on the bill you will recieve.
※If your payment method includes a service charge, we will pay it for you.
Our approved convenience stores
■Using COD (cash-on-delivery)
  • 【Transportation company】Yamato Transportation
    Yamato transportation charges a flat rate of \324 regardless of your location in Japan (including sales tax).
  • The amount of your payment will include:
    Product(including tax)+¥324 (an extra charge for COD)+ Region specific shipping charge
  • If your purchase exceeds \6,000 (including tax) and is being shipped to a single location, the shipping charge will be free. However, the total amount of your order on this calculation should not include the shipping charge.
    ※This service is not available to customers who place their orders over the phone.
    (The sum total of more than \6,000 in your cart will include the shipping charge. When we send you your purchase, the \324 charge will be dropped from your total. Please do not worry about being charged any extra fees.)
  • Please pay on delivery.
■Paying with a credit card
We use the Kuroneko Yamato Credit Card service in order to make the ordering process easier for our customers.
We accept the following credit cards:
画像:JCB 画像:VISA 画像:MASTER 画像:DC 画像:UC
Million Card(MC) Diners Saison card (NICOS)
画像:ミリオン 画像:ダイナース 画像:セゾン 画像:日本信販(NICOS)
■Bank Transfer Payment Methods
If you wish to transfer your payment through a bank, please transfer it to our company`s bank account given below. If you use this method, you will be required to pay the service charge.

Transfer to this bank account: The too Shinkin Bank head office standard bank account 1140529
Apple and Snack Co.,LTD

About Shipping

  • Upon receiving your order, we will ship your product directly. However, shipping charges must be paid by you, the customer.
  • If the customer wishes for their order to be sent to a single location, regardless of how large their order is, the shipping rates below will be applied. However, if the customer wishes their order to be sent to more than one location, they must pay each regions shipping fee separately.
  • If your order exceeds 6,000 yen (including tax), you will be eligible to receive free shipping.
    This service is not available to customers who place their orders over the phone..

【Region Specific Shipping Costs】

Region In Aomori Prefecture Tohoku Kantou Shinetsu Hokkaido Hokuriku
Shipping Cost \600 \650 \750 \750 \850 \900
Regions Cyubu Kansai Chugoku Shikoku Kyusyu  Okinawa
Shipping Cost \850 \900 \1000 \1100 \1200 \1500

(Different shipping charges are applied to overseas locations. Please contact us by info@applesnack.com for more information.)

Returning Process

If by any chance the product you recieve is damaged or unsatisfactory in anyway, please return it immediately.

Also, If you recieve a product that is different from the one you had originally ordered, please contact us by email or telephone.TEL:0172-26-5360 Ms. Osanai

【Notice】 If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will replace it or refund your money.