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The Secret of the Crispy Chip / The Variety of Apples

Our manufacturing secret lies in the Decompression Fryer

Our Apple Snack production begins with choosing the absolute best apples to be used during manufacturing.
Regardless of how good the processing method may be, it is not possible to make a good product if the taste of each individual apple, which represents the product's primary raw material, is lacking. Our manufacturing process is the result of cautiously thinking about how to dry our apples, given as raw materials, without damaging them.

Photo:Decompression Frying Method The process we call
   "Decompression Fry".

The theory is simple.
By decreasing the atmospheric pressure inside the machine, the low temperature allows us to evaporate the greatest amount of moisture contained within the apple.

We call this machine "The Fryer", which produces heat in order to evaporate the moisture. In other words, this machine supplies the energy needed to heat the oil. Therefore, in a broad sense, we are able to call this machine a fryer.

We fry by utilizing this low-air pressure fryer. We produce our Apple Snacks by using the Decompression Fryer, also called a Vacuum Fryer.By lowering the air pressure, the boiling water's temperature decreases, leaving the apple crispy without burning it.

So why do we use oil?

  1. Oil is a type of liquid which can evenly transmit heat to all parts of the apple. In other words, if you place several kilograms of sliced apples in oil, they will disperse, allowing the temperature to be evenly applied to each individual slice.
  2. When in low atmospheric pressure, water evaporates less than 100 degrees Celsius. Because of this, when water is in low atmospheric pressure, it can not go beyond 100 degrees Celsius. However, there are some cases when oil requires a temperature greater than 100 degrees Celsius to work effectively.
    By lowering the airpressure considerably, we can create a condition that allows the moisture contained within the apple to be evaporated in a low temperature equivalent to the atmospheric pressure. By doing this, the sliced apples are quickly transformed into our crispy Apple Snacks.

We also have other ways of making
     our Apple Snacks more delicious.

In the past, we used Vitamin C to prevent the oxidation caused by browning. Since 2001, to increase the quality of our production process, the use of antioxidants like Vitamin C are no longer in use.Because we no longer use antioxidants and other additives, our customers can enjoy safer and more delicious Apple Snack products, made with 100% Aomori apples.

One of our biggest concerns is to not give our customers soft, unsatisfactory chips. To prevent this, we dip the apple slices into corn syrup solution. However, we weaken the corn syrup as much as possible using water in order to not affect the original and natural flavor of the apple.