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There are many ways to enjoy Apple SnacksbHere are some suggestions!

By incorporating Apple Snacks into other foods, you can enjoy them in many new ways

While eating Apple Snacks by themselves is very delicious, if you combine them with other foods, you can discover even better tastes.
If you find a new way to eat Apple Snacks, we would love to hear it!

They go great with refreshing beverages

Eating Apple Snacks with your favorite cheese goes perfectly with a nice cold drink

You can use Apple Snacks as a salad topping

A great way to spice up your everyday salad is to crunch up a few Apple Snack chips and sprinkle them on top. After adding the chips, try drizzling some store bought dressing on the salad to give it an extra kick.
The bitter-sweet crunch can transform and enhance the flavor of an otherwise normal salad.

A Curry rice topping

Try tasting your Curry Rice after you've crumbled some crispy Apple Snack chips over it.
The crunchy snack combined with the creamy Curry will make for a very unique taste

Pizza topping

Here's a way to enjoy Apple Snacks that you may not have thought of! You can buy a frozen pizza from the grocery store, sprinkle some crushed Jonagold Apple Snacks on top, and cook it in a toaster oven
When the cheese melts into the crispy Apple Snacks, the bitter-sweet flavor of the chip and the soft and sticky texture of the pizza blends together. This is when the delicous Apple Snack Pizza is ready to eat

Hint We recommend sprinkling Gorgonzola cheese on the pizza after you have added the Apple Snacks
You can also spread custard on the pizza's crust and eat it with Apple Snack as desserti*^_^*j

Hint@Begin by cooking just the pizza in a toaster oven (1000kW ovens: Cook for 5-6min/700kW ovens: Cook for about 8min). Once cooked, take the pizza out of the oven and sprinkle the crushed Apple Snacks on top. Put it back in the oven and warm it at a lower temperature for 1-2 min.
If you add the Apple Snack before cooking the pizza, cover the pizza in aluminium foil and place in the oven.